”All I want to do is...”

  • Connect

    Connect to instrumentation


    • Auto Configuration - no tags to define
    • Instrument Views
    • Predefined access to all instrument parameters
    • No total tag limit

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  • Record

    Record Data

    • Logging
    • Log Reports
    • Historical Replay
    • Event Based Logging
    • Alarm / Event Monitoring
    • Batch Data / Batch Tags/ Batch Numbers

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  • Operate

    Operate my system

    • HMI
    • Passwords
    • Recipe
    • Touch Screen
    • Trend Charts
    • Bar Charts
    • Values
    • Active-X graphics

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  • Network


    • Ethernet, Internet, Modem connections
    • Multiple operator stations
    • Secure remote access
    • Each user operates Independently
    • Simultaneous remote user

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  • Analyze

    Analyze my data

    • Event Recording
    • Visual Feedback
    • Integrate data from several sources
    • Performance

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Current version of SpecView is 3.1.249 download here     (Fixes "E17813 Invalid Entry’ on Historical Replay and Log File Conversion)
Legacy V2.5 build 862 download also available here.

SpecView is proud to distribute the Procon range of data acquisition modules, see here for details.

Conditions of Trading are on our Contact Us page

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