Cliff Wright

Cliff  graduated from Brighton University College of Art in 1986.  His first self-penned picture-book, "When the World Sleeps," was runner-up for the Mother Goose Award in 1990.  Since then he has written and illustrated numerous childrens books for all ages becoming best-known for having produced two of the cover images for Harry Potter.  He has also created paintings for greetings cards, posters and high-profile advertising campaigns.  Currently he is working on titles for the Little Bear series of board and picture-books for Templar Publishing and a book on drawing techniques for David and Charles.
Over many years Cliff has supported the work of various charities through print/book sales and art projects.  Examples include Child Welfare Scheme, Nepal; Valhalla Wilderness Society, Canada; International Animal Rescue, working with 'dancing bears' in India.
Over the past ten years he has visited countless schools throughout England and has developed a series of innovative drawing-based workshops.  Based on the premise that everyone has a natural creative ability and hoping to dispel the myth that art is exclusive, this teaching has been successful with children and adults alike.  Cliff has run events at many exhibitions and venues, including The British Museum, The University of London and Art in Action.  He has also worked with The Big Draw campaign and had workshops featured on
local and national TV and radio.  This year should see the teaching travelling further afield to India, Holland, Scotland and Ireland.
In Our Hands is his first commissioned sculpture and use of living materials.  Alongside his illustration work he has continued experimenting with occasional 3D pieces.  He also has over 25 years experience helping to design and build large-scale figures and heads for the well-known Lewes Bonfire Night celebrations.

See here for co-creations with Kathryn Jordan

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