Thanks from Kathryn and Cliff.

The following is a list of those to which we are eternally grateful and
without whose help the sculpture just could not have been achieved - a
thousand thanks for your encouragement, support and generosity.

Love, Kathryn and Cliff.

In no order of preference...

Arts Commission, City in Bloom, BHCC.  With special thanks to Ivan Clarke
for putting up with not one but two artists, and remaining 'fairly' sane!
Also to Rob Dumbrill for constantly dropping in on us, always giving us a
laugh and planting at least one plant.  To Stella, for enthusiasm and all
those phone calls.

To friends and family for help with pushing unbelievable amounts of compost into small places, mixing vast quantities of soil, energy and planting:
Rachel and Coral Castagne, Tim Gill, Denica Nenova, Charlotte Stranks, Doug King-Smith, Ellie Henderson, Kaet Brewer, Aimee Saic, Mark Harman, Chloe Alexander, David and Anne Jordan, David Parker, Gwenn Tregoat.
To Kernock Park Plants for supplying the framework, plants and compost... Thanks to Chris Harnett.
To all at Stanmer Nursery for giving us the space to work in and  for plant advice.
With extra thanks to Alan Griffiths, Gary (tractor driver) and Sarah.

A very special huge debt of gratitude to John Gapper who we'd like to adopt as our grandfather.

To John Walker for supplying even more soil

To Geoff Funnell for costing and materials advice.

To Sophie Miller for support and all that plant information.
To Tim Austin from Austins Cradles for loaning us a solid winter roof over our head.
To Dennis from Colas for reassuring us that he could transport the thing!
To John Coleman.  A special thanks for all the welding, advice and being THE reliable all-round great friend.

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