SpecView supports ActiveX objects on it’s screens.

There are two main types of ActiveX controls: Graphical and non-graphical

Graphical ActiveX Controls have some kind of graphical representation and function, for example, FactorySoft’s SymbolFactory can be used to create screens with many more symbols and shapes than SpecView natively supports

Non-Graphical ActiveX Controls have no visual representation - instead they act like ‘function blocks’, processing input data in some way to produce some kind of output.

Both sorts of ActiveX Control can be positioned on the screen and have their properties linked either to constants or to live runtime variables.  Similarly, the results of any calculations performed by the ActiveX Control can end up in other live data points (e.g. Setpoints or User Variables)

Some Controls supplied by SpecView and some third parties are licensed using a SpecView scheme.  There are currently 3 classes of licensed controls: Class1, Class2 and Class3. An option needs to be purchased to allow any given class or classes of licensed controls to work, see the ordering codes and the list of ActiveX controls (below) for more details.

Currently available ActiveX controls from SpecView and selected third parties:

Non-licensed (requires only ActiveX option in dongle:

  • Simple Average Block (Average10)

Class 1 Controls: (requires both ActiveX option and Class 1 option - A1)

  • Advanced Average Block (Average30)
  • Ramp/Soak programmer block

Class 2 Controls: (requires both ActiveX option and Class 2 option - A2)

  • <None yet>

Class 3 Controls: (requires both ActiveX option and Class 3 option - A3)

  • <None yet>


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