SpecView base product includes:

SpecView has the following options, click the links to find out more about each option:

Update Subscriptions - details of how to keep your SpecView updated

Multiport - connect SpecView to 1000’s of different instruments, or increase data rate on large systems

Historical Replay - ‘Video’ review of logged data

Strategy Controller - Automation from SpecView

DDE - Add your own Complex Functionality

Remote Users - Use SpecView from Down the hall to around the world

OPC - Connect to any OPC Server

ActiveX - Use graphical objects to speed up screen design or use complex controls to perform specific tasks

Runtime only - No access to configuration - great for turnkey systems

Non-standard Drivers - Some SpecView drivers are a chargeable option, click the link for a full list

Mini version - restricted to two instrument views

Generic Modbus - Communicate to any Modbus device, even ones we do not support.

Order Codes - details of the ordering codes needed and the System Requirements

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