SpecView Copy Protection Key or ‘Dongle’

Note: We send ‘Soft License’ by email as standard, although ‘USB License Dongle’ are available by request for an additional charge.

Here is a comparison between soft licenses and USB license dongles

‘Soft License’, which has the same ability to be upgraded as the hardware dongle, but has no physical form. 

 USB License Dongle - plugs into a spare USB 1.1 or 2.0 port on your PC

This is to aid with licensing and also to store details of the options that have been purchased.

Without the dongle attached, SpecView will run with limited functionality for 10 minutes, or can act as a Remote SpecView indefinately.

We can quickly and easily upgrade users if they need extra functionality in the software - it is done by a system of codes and does not require any physical shipment to upgrade.


Here is an example of USB License Dongle

Note: For these dongles to work it is necessary to be running SpecView version 3.1.200 (March 2020) or newer.

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