E-mail / Pager / Text / Fax

Using SpecView’s “Run External Program” facility in the Strategy Controller, it is possible to send an e-mail, Dial a Pager, Send a text Message or a fax.

SpecView’s Run External program command can send any data (including live data values) to the 3rd Party program.  This 3rd Party program needs to have a command-line interface to it.

Although SpecView itself does not have support built in for these functions, there are 3rd party products available that perform the required functions:


See here


Depending on the Pager Service Provider, there are various little utility programs that can cause a pager to be dialed. Check with your Pager service provider for details.

Text (SMS):

Depending on the Cellular / Mobile Service Provider, there may be ways in which a computer with a modem can dial the Messaging Center and then send a text message to a cellphone. Check with your Cellphone service provider for details.

See here for a service that can be used with SpecView.


SpecView has a little interface program that interfaces between SpecView and Symantec’s “Winfax Pro” fax software.  Using this interface program it is possible to cause Winfax to send a fax with a short message on it.

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