Historical Replay

‘Video’ replay of whole screen at selectable ‘Fast Forward’ rates.

Any screen may be replayed from logged data. The screen redraws exactly as it looked when the data was recorded.


It’s Monday morning at 8:15am:
    Nightshift Supervisor: “We had a problem on Line-3 on Saturday. We ran 6 hours of scrap.”
    Plant Manager:  “What was the machine doing?”
    Nightshift Supervisor:  “I did not see it.”

Which is easier, struggling with columns of numbers in MS Excel or standing in front of the machine just as it looked when the problem happened?

Was a sensor intermittent?  Was a breaker turned off?  Had someone changed the setpoint or other parameter?  Was the wrong recipe selected? 

Historical Replay, used in conjunction with the Event Log  can answer all those questions.

Without the Historical Replay option, replay is limited to the last 4 hours only.

See here for more details about Historical Replay

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