Remote Networking / Multi-User


SV Local: SpecView Local is the PC running SpecView with the instruments attached and the dongle containing all the options.

SV Remote: And version of SpecView on any remote stations, no dongle required


SV Local runs the configuration communicating to the instruments as normal.

SV Remote is any other version of SpecView - when connected to the SV Local though LAN / Wan / Modem, it loads up the screens from the SV Local (if it does not already have them) and runs the configuration, obtaining real-time data from the SV Local across the network.


  • Internet
  • Direct dial modem


  • SV Local / Remote uses secure encrypted communications
  • SV Local / Remote adds to the existing password system already in the SpecView configuration by having 2nd level of User/Password and restricted access levels over the remote connection.


  • Since the network only carries data traffic, updates to screens are very rapid on the SV Remote, as are screen swaps

Facilities on the Remote:

  • Screens:  Since the SV Remote is running the same configuration as the SV Local, it is possible to view any and all screens on the SV Remote as a user would be able to on the SV Local - subject to any Password restrictions, which operate on the SV Remote the same as on the SV Local - Viewing screens an any or all SV Remotes does not interfere with the operation of the SV Local or any other SV Remotes - they are completely independent.
  • Data Logging:  This happens only on the SV Local, but Historical replay is possible on the remote:
  • Historical Replay:  Historical Replay is possible on the SV Remote - the data is sent from the data log files on the SV Local to the Remote for replay
  • Log File Conversion: Log files can be converted on the SV Remote station.  In fact, they are created on the SV Local PC and sent to the SV Remote in compressed form ready for use on the SV Remote in a variety of ways.
  • Strategy Controller: This does not operate on the Remote, however, the Strategy Controller on the SV Local will respond to any data inputs from the SV Remote and and changes effected by the Strategy Controller will be seen on the SV Remotes.
  • Recipe: Recipes are stored centrally on the SV Local, but all SV Remotes and the SV Local can be accessing and editing recipes at the same time, if appropriate to do so.


Simple steps:

  • On SV local, Enable listening for incoming connections
  • On SV local, tell it who the remote users are and their access levels
  • On SV Remote, setup connection to address the SV local (e.g Name/ IP Address or Phone number) and Username / password
  • On SV Remote, connect to local - Local automatically updates Remote with new or changed configuration and goes online

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