Batch Reports

SpecView’s Batch Tag feature quickly lets you find and display the data for a given process.

Does your process have a label such as:

  • Batch Number, Customer Tag, Material ID, Heat Number, Product Code?
  • Do you need to retrieve data from a particular process from months or years ago?

Chart recorders and data logging systems are great at recording data but it can be difficult to find that data after months or years. "Where is the data for 'ABC Metals 4178 Case Harden'?"

SpecView's Batch Tag feature makes it easy to go back, find and retrieve the process data for use in Historical Replay & Log file Report generation

SpecView can keep track of multiple different batches simultaneously, making it easy to setup a SpecView system managing multiple independent processes.

Searching for batches to perform Historical Replay or to Do Log file Conversion is made easier with SpecView’s Batch Chooser.  This allows the searching for batches from any date using either the full or partial batch number:


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