Historical Replay

SpecView’s Historical replay function creates a copy of the screen and displays data on it from the Data Log Files.

Replay is at any rate from 1x to 3600x (Where a whole hour is replayed every second). For Trend Charts, a ‘max’ rate can be used which will playback data at the fastest rate your computer can support until the trend chart is full.

All things are replayed - Trend charts, bar charts, numeric values, color changes.

In Historical Replay mode, a ‘Control Panel’ is shown, allowing quick access to the last 24 hour’s worth of data, plus options to get data from any time period in the past.  Batch Data can also be used to replay data for one batch in particular - in this case, an option to rescale the trend chart to fit the batch duration can be used.

The Control Panel also has options to control the pausing of replay when a trend chart is full.


If the Historical Replay Option has not been purchased, then only data from the last 4 hours can be replayed.

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