The affect of the introduction of DCOM hardening on SpecView

    DCOM authentication hardening: what you need to know

    Hardening represents a means of investigating and reducing the number of systems across your organization with potential weaknesses, and then taking steps to securing them from malicious actors and their increasingly creative cyberthreats. Hardening has been applied across the industry to servers, software applications, operating systems, databases, networks, projects, repositories, services, policies, platforms, and more.

By David_Zhu

In general, the base functionality of SpecView will not be affected by the introduction of DCOM hardening.

However, the following optional features will be affected:

  • OPC - OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) for Process Control
  • DDE - Dynamic Data Exchange
  • ActiveX - Third-party function blocks

It is possible to determine if these features are being used:

  • Either as SpecView is starting up, from the initial 'Splash Screen' - by holding the SHIFT key and clicking the 'Help' button.
  • Or while SpecView is currently running - by choosing 'Registration Information' from SpecView's Help menu.

Then looking at that box - if any of those 3 features are listed in the 'Enabled Options' then please let us know as there is further investigation that we have yet to do.


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