SpecView has a DDE Server option - this allows 3rd party programs to get access to real-time data from SpecView.

Data is served up from SpecView in response to a “DDEAdvise” request from the 3rd party program

Data can also be sent back into SpecView by using a “DDEPoke” function.

Any value available to SpecView can be accessed via DDE - instrument parameters or User Variables.

DDE also works across a network, so live values can be displayed on other PCs using NetDDE.


To demonstrate how easy it is to get data into Excel from SpecView, if you have SpecView installed and have Excel running, then type the following into a cell on a sheet:


You will see a number appear in the cell that changes - this is Excel’s representation of the time gathered from SpecView - you can make it read correctly by right-clicking the cell and choosing “Format Cell” from the pop-up menu. Choose a time format like HH:MM:SS and the cell will show the time as sent from SpecView.


SpecView cannot get data from another Server, as SpecView is not a DDE Client.

For full details of how the DDE works, see the Help or the Manual.

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