Trend Charts

SpecView supports the use of many trend charts simultaneously.


There is no limit to the number of screens that can have trend charts on.

Any screen may have one or more trend charts on it, subject to space.

Trend charts can have any time-span from 1 minute to 1 month, and different charts may have different spans on a single screen (this is useful for having a long-period chart showing overall trend and a short period chart showing very recent activity in detail.

Trend charts can have as many pens as you wish, however, the differences in color make it impractical to have more than about 10 on any one chart at the same time.

Trend charts can replay data in Historical Replay allowing the easy review of past data.

  • Automatic printing - make the chart full screen for a full page print
  • Unlimited number of total charts
  • Unlimited number of pens on chart
  • Individual scaling for each pen
  • Individual display of pen scaling (click on label and y-axis displays the scale for that pen)
  • Unlimited number of charts on a single screen
  • The same variable may be re-used on any chart
  • Time spans from 1 minute to 30 days
  • Numeric display of each value
  • Round number time intervals
  • Choice of font for labels and values (remove the text for "trace only" charts)
  • Choice of colours for background and axes (black background for best contrast; white for printing)
  • Optional horizontal grid
  • Click on chart for exact numeric value and time
  • Double-click on the chart for two cursors showing time interval and value change
  • Change setup anytime: scaling, colours, time span etc.


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