Explore and Troubleshoot your process

SpecView contains a variety of features designed to help you analyze what is happening in your process.  This can be of particular help during commissioning of a system, but can also help during normal operations.

Event Recording

  • Record Operator’s actions
  • Event window shows real-time event
  • Log Reports can include corresponding Event data

Visual Feedback

  • Answer day-to-day questions such as:
    • ”I wish I had been standing here when...”
    • “Did the purge valve open correctly?”
  • Use Color Change actions to highlight status or alarm
  • Use SpecView’s Strategy Controller to perform screen swap or message displays on screen.
  • Use SpecView’s Historical Replay to see and compare how things went in the past


 Bring in data from a variety of sources

  • Add extra Data Acquisition to your existing process easily
  • Incorporate test measurements, operator comments or other information into the system
  • Use Barcode Scanners to read in data


Analyze numerical data in real time and on reports

  • ”How many parts?”
  • Percentage downtime
  • Correlate run-to-run data

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