Use SpecView’s networking facilities to interact with SpecView from another office or from off-site

Ethernet, Internet or modem connectivity

  • Ethernet:  Network with other SpecView system on your LAN
  • Internet: Connect to SpecView systems anywhere in the world across the Internet (WAN)
  • Modem: Dial-up links where LAN/Internet is not possible

Multiple Operator Stations

  • Have one or more operator stations connected where the size of the machine is physically large

Secure Remote Access

  • Encrypted data transfer across network link
  • Read-only mode means certain users cannot affect the process
  • Event log records network actions as well as local actions.

Each user Operates Independently

  • Regardless of how many users are connected, none of them interfere with each other - each user acts as if they were the only one
  • Multiple users may edit recipes at the same time if permitted to do so

Simultaneous Remote users

  • Have several users from different parts of the organization connected simultaneously, looking at the same or different portions of the data



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