Graphical user interface

Unlimited number of screens to monitor and/or control the connected instruments.


  • Unambiguous screens reduce operator errors
  • From simple to complex screens, as required
  • Trend charts
    • Unlimited pens
    • Unlimited charts
    • Multiple Time axes
    • Automatic printing
    • Multiple charts on any screen
  • Bar graphs for ‘at-a-glance’ monitoring
  • Multiple color changes on any graphic object, text or bar graph
  • Touch Screen compatible
  • Barcode entry
    • Keyboard ‘Wedge’
    • Direct Serial Input


  • Multiple password levels
  • Restrict access to specified items
  • Record user logins


 Recipe Management system

  • Select values on any screen to be included in recipe
  • Snapshot current values, then save by name
  • Flexibility:
    • Full Access: Select / review / edit / send
    • Read-Only: Select / review / send
    • Single button send
    • ‘Send-To’ - ability to send recipes to different instruments
  • Barcode scanner recipe selection
  • From only a few setpoints to many hundreds of ramp/soak program parameters


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