Comms Backoff:

When SpecView encounters some kind of Comms Error, it does a retry, and if that fails, then SpecView implements a “Backoff” mechanism to reduce the rate at which requests are made to devices that are not there or are having difficulty.  This is called “Comms Backoff”.

When troubleshooting bad comms, this Comms Backoff can result in long periods of no activity on the comms wires, which is not good for looking at comms LEDs.

To force SpecView to request data quickly, go to File->Preferences and on the first tab (Runtime), you will see the Comms Back Off field. Set this to a value of 2 while you are troubleshooting.  Remember to set it back to the old value (usually 60) when you are finished.

By setting the Backoff to 2, the usual rate of retrying every 2 seconds is maintained even during comms problems so that comms toubleshooting can be performed more easily.

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