Check the convertor:

If there is an RS232 to RS485/422 converter being used, then check to see that it is setup correctly, things to check are:

  • Check the wires haven’t fallen out or broken off!
  • RS485: does the converter need to be set to 2-wire or 4-wire mode or is this done by jumpering across from Tx to Rx ?
  • Power requirements:  Is the convertor’s power supply working? Check with a Voltmeter
  • LEDs: are there LEDs indicating comms traffic?  Are they flashing Tx but not Rx? See here for a note on how often they should flash.
  • If the RS232/RS485 converter is self-powered, does the 9-pin port on the PC supply enough power? Some laptops don’t, and some USB-to-Serial convertors don’t.
  • If there are no LEDs on the converter itself, you can make some to verify that SpecView is talking out to the instruments, see here.
  • Does the converter have Automatic Send Data Control?  If not, then it probably won’t work!  See here for more details on this.  Note: “KD485” convertors need to be “KD485 ADE” versions to work.

If there is a USB-to-Serial converter in use, you can check to see if that is working properly

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